Sabtu, 03 April 2010

Time to Sleep Zzz~

This week my lecturers gave us many quiz and a lot of tasks. Also i still work on SE project.

Maybe i haven't told you yet that now I'm joining Editorial Division in PERSPEKTIF (it's FISIP Student Press Agency) and I got my first news, so I also spent this week with collecting news items and interviewing many people. It was really fun!

Actually, I'm not really busy like what I said, haha. My time is mostly wasted for internet browsing and I'm willing to stay awake until midnight just for it even though it will make me very sleepy in the morning or maybe the worst: oversleep (I still really hope to be able to change this bad habit). Hehehe.

Finally the climax was yesterday! I slept for almost 14 hours (maybe to substitute the lack of my sleep time) from 5 pm until 6.30 am and I skipped maghrib and isya yesterday, also subuh today (forgive me Allah). I think it's going to be worse if I keep continue it.

Whoa, I hope it won't be happened anymore and I wish I was more diligent in worship, praying 5 times a day and draw closer to Allah :)

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