Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

Evita's Giveaway, Yeay!

 giveaway, giveaway, GIVEAWAY, GIVEAWAY!!!

YIIIHAAAA! Evita Nuh with ♥The chr√®me de la crop♥, probably the youngest fashion blogger from Indonesia (Gosh, she's 11!), with kindhearted will give this.
Okay, okay, I'm too excited until I hold my breath and then jumping with full of joy!
I want it bad, really really bad. So I hope I can get it one *pray* :)

Wanna join the giveaway?
It will close on August 1st 2010 so CLICK HERE soon :)

Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010


Met my best friend, Tito, at The Ego today. Yeay! Yersterday afternoon counseling session :D

Had a totally good mood today :)

Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

Birthday Whistlist #2

Trip to Jakarta

Hello! Sorry for the late post. I went to Jakarta for 5 days Excursion Study Visit de Jakarta. I visited a lot of interesting place such as Trans Corp (Trans 7), Fortune Indo, TVRI, and AnekaYess!
I'm sorry I didn't take any picture. I got these photos from my friends hehehe.

In the lobby of Trans Corp. building, got ready to watch Bukan Empat Mata.

Arum, Me, Radix, Tutik, and Tasya

Me, Arum, Nolly, Tasya, and Eto.

With Funky Papua :D

Daru, Winda, Arum, Nolly, Tasya, Cakra, Me, Tutik, and Pandu.

The Committees :D
back to front: Cakra, Winda, Junior, Arum, Me, Tasya, Pandu, Tutik, Daru, and Eto.



Dinner in corridor :D

My silly face after waking up :D

Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010


I got headache when I woke up then I looked around my room. Yeah, it's really really messy, so does my mood. I feel I don't want to go anywhere today just stay in my room. I stayed in front of my notebook for the whole night and so do now. I don't have a plan for today and feel like my head will explode. Probably, I think many unimportant things and I shouldn't be thought.

Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

Birthday WishList #1

Okay, I know it's too soon to post birthday wish list but I really really really really want to have it one.

What Everybody Wants to Reach : Dream

Talking about what I want to reach in life...
I could be inspired so much after watching movies. My first inspiring movie was Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) which is starring by Dian Sastrowardoyo and Nicholas Saputra. Cinta (Dian) and her friends are the administrators of their school's wall magazine. They make a really really creative work for me (I was about 11 at that time) and I dreamed to be like them in junior or senior high school later.
It was the beginning of my love of writing.


Then I joined journalism club in high school and it gave me a lot of experiences. I followed many wall magazines competition and learned how to publish a school magazine. I realized that I love writing so much.

The second movie was The Devil Wears Prada.

Yeah, this movie will inspired all people which want to work in fashion industry. I do love writing, but I'm a fashion lover too. When I was in 12th grade, I was confused to choose what major which I will take in college but one of my best friend, Anjar, asked me what thing I really like and I said it simply "Clothes". She has expected it. As she knew I also love writing, she advice me to be a fashion journalist. It was brilliant!

Then, my friend, Narlita, told me to browse Hot Chocolate and Mint. She said I would like it and she was right! Diana Rikasari has inspired me a lot and I adore her so much. Honestly, I want to be like her hehehe (in my own way of course).

I think my decision to take communication as my major wasn't wrong. This could be a stepping stone to achieve my dreams. Next, want to take fashion design short school to deepen my knowledge about fashion, to be a good fashion journalist or fashion editor maybe?
The last but not least, i really really hope i could go to France someday! Learning and living there maybe haha! I wish :)

My Secret Project : Begin

Yesterday was really really tiring. I had a plan with my friend, Tasya, to go to a sewing tools and accessories shop. You can find aaaaaall the things you need to make miscellaneous accessories and anything about the needlework. We felt like in heaven and actually we didn't want to go home hehehehe.

black quills

green tuscan quills

white and red buttons

a pliers and a big pin

colorful thongs

and last but not least, little gold chain

p.s. I'm sorry for the bad quality of the photos :p

Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

Quote Quote :)

"Where there is a happiness there is also a grief beside"
-Zahra Mahdiatari-

Selasa, 06 Juli 2010


I think it's good to know what you want even we should proud and feel lucky about it. Because there are many people who actually don't know what they want to reach in this life.

One of my best friend for example.
We were friend since junior high school and we met again in senior high school and getting closer. She has a really really good talent in discussing, arguing, and debating. I always love her way of thinking. In the 10th grade, we planned to take communication major in college.
I was about to change my mind to take design and my best friend, their parents really wanted her to take science concentration, so we both took that.

Can you guess what's next?

I gave up with design because in science, you're not studying graphic design or anything but a technical drawing. I felt that I was in the wrong place. So, in the last seconds, when university entrance exams, I chose communication.

Then my best friend, actually her parents (and maybe also herself) wanted her to take medical education or architecture for the second choice but she passed in architecture.

I was not wanted to not support what her has been chosen, I just felt that her soul was not in architecture. But after through it, she seemed enjoy, even though I admit that lecture on architecture was not easy even quite heavy. But in the middle, I little bit worried about her after read this. I think she is better take International Relation Study. I was trying to inveigle her to take university entrance exam once again and choose International Relation Study but she refuse it. Yeah, it has become her choice. So I just can hope anything best for her.

Meanwhile, I'm grateful I've chosen communication as my major. Yes, I think here's my passion.

Me and Caca :)

So, I think get to know what you want and what kind of person who you want to be or what your goals early is good to you to grow your talent. Then if you don't know what you want and what you want to be, go find your hidden talent because God has endowed each human being with their own talents. Don't give up :)

Minggu, 04 Juli 2010


Sometimes I feel guilty when I spend my money for something which other people think that it is worthy to be bought but I think it is excessive.

Why do we keep buying some clothes just because we don't have the trendy one while there are too much clothes in our closet which maybe we just wear it once?
Has it ever dawned on our minds that maybe some people do not think about the trendy clothes because they're quite difficult to provide for their daily food?
Maybe what they think is how to fix a leaky roof of their house or how to pay school fees that have been delinquent.

Every person shall not refuse to eat at fancy restaurants and wearing designer clothes. Sometimes we may indulge ourselves with these things or reward for the effort that we have done but do not be excessive. However, humility is an act of discretion.

When I realize about other people who are more lacking than me, I think I've not live unpretentious yet. It's not easy to life unpretentious. Life unpretentious doesn't mean deprivation but always thankful with what we have and what god has given us. Even though I'm trying to, I usually tempted after reading magazine or seeing other people's stuffs.
I want to buy these or those just like what they wore and spent my money for something which when I think again, It was not really important and maybe I do have one.

Yeah, we're just human being and want something a little redundant also not entirely wrong. Maybe we may do it occasionally.

So, why don't we try to be MORE grateful and live unpretentious? :)

Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

Saturday and Home Alone

I got it from Winda :)

100 truths

001. Real name → Zahra Mahdiatari
002. Nickname(s)→ Tari, Taa, Ta, Ai, Ayi, Tar-tari, Zahra, (errrrr whatever you want)
004. Male or female → Female
005. Elementary → SD Islam Sabillah Malang
006. Middle School → MTsN Malang I
007. High School → SMAN 4 Malang
008. Hair color → Dark Brown
009. Long or short → Short
010. Loud or Quiet → Louds and quiet hahahaha
011. Sweats or Jeans or underwear→ Both :p
012. Phone or Camera → Phone
013. Health freak → I don't think so
014. Drink or Smoke? → No
015. Do you have a crush on someone? → Emmmmmm....
016. Eat or Drink → Both
017. Piercings → No
018. Tattoos → No

019. Been in an airplane → Yes
020. Been in a relationship → Yes
021. Been in a car accident → No
022. Been in a first fight → Emmmm -___-

023. First piercing → No
024. First best friend → Wahyu Wulandari
025. First award → Third place acquire color contest when I was in Kindergarten
026. First crush → eerrr..
028. First big vacation → Forgot :p

029. Last person you talked to → Mama
030. Last person you texted → Yunita Titi Sasanti
031. Last person you watched a movie with → Wocil Radix Mahakam Dwinov
032. Last food you ate → Matabak isi bihun
033. Last movie you watched → I forget the tittle -____-
034. Last song you listened to → Depapepe's song (also i forget the tittle :p)
035. Last thing you bought → Milk Tea Teh Racek
036. Last person you hugged → Widyana Prita Karnia

037. Food → Anything
038. Drinks → Cappuccino
039. Clothing → Anything cute and T-shirt
040. Flower → White Lily
042. Color → Red
043. Movie → Sooooo manyyyy
044. Subject → Francais

IN 2009….. I
045. [v] missed someone
046. [] celebrated Halloween
047. [v] had your heart broken
048. [v] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone
049. [] someone questioned your sexual orientation
050. [] came out of the closet
051. [] gotten pregnant
052. [] had an abortion
053. [v] done something you’ve regretted
054. [v] broke a promise
055. [v] hide a secret
056. [v] pretended to be happy
057. [v] met someone who changed your life
058. [v] pretended to be sick
059. [] left the country
060. [] tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it
061. [v] cried over the silliest thing
062. [] ran a mile
063. [] went to the beach with your best friend(s)
064. [v] got into an argument with your friends
065. [v] hated someone
066. [] stayed single the whole year

067. Eating → Nothing T.T
068. Drinking → No
069. I’m about to → Writing this post
070. Listening to → Depapepe
071. Plans for today → Clean up my house and handling laundry and iron it
072. Waiting for → He text me and coming my mood to clean up my house

073. Want kids? Yes
074. Want to get married? Absolutely
075. Careers in mind? Of Course

076. Lips or eyes → Eyes
077. Shorter or taller? → Taller
078. Romantic or Spontaneous → Spontaneous
079. Nice stomach or nice arms → Arms
080. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive
081. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship
082. Trouble-maker or hesitant → Neither

083. Lost glasses/contacts → No
084. Snuck out of your house → Yes
085. Held a gun/knife for self defense → No
086. Killed Somebody→ No no no no!!
087. Broken someone’s heart → Yes
088. Been arrested → No
089. Cried when someone died → Yes

090. Yourself → Yes
091. Miracles → Yes
092. Love at first sight → No
093. Heaven → Yes
094. Santa Claus → No
095. Sex on the first date → NO!!
096. Kiss on the first date → No

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? → Yes.
099. Do you believe in God → Yes
100. Post as 100 truths, HUH? hahahhaha

Jumat, 02 Juli 2010


I hope I have enough time to walk around and get some best buy while Excursion Study in Jakarta. I'm curious about Pasar Senen where we can get unique, vintage, and really really cheap second hand clothes :D
But I want this... Hehehe :)

Oh, I almost forget!
Maybe you should check this one. Thou Shall Not Wear give us other perception about trending fashion :)

Pajamas Party Lover

I've just arrived at home from my friend's house, Tata. It's her birthday today and I stayed in her house and we had a pajamas party to celebrate her birthday with some friends, Caca, Cuwie, Cynthia, and Nolly. By the way, though I've said it to her, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATA :)
(p.s. It's your last year to be spent as teenager :D)

I'll post the photos soon :)