Selasa, 06 Juli 2010


I think it's good to know what you want even we should proud and feel lucky about it. Because there are many people who actually don't know what they want to reach in this life.

One of my best friend for example.
We were friend since junior high school and we met again in senior high school and getting closer. She has a really really good talent in discussing, arguing, and debating. I always love her way of thinking. In the 10th grade, we planned to take communication major in college.
I was about to change my mind to take design and my best friend, their parents really wanted her to take science concentration, so we both took that.

Can you guess what's next?

I gave up with design because in science, you're not studying graphic design or anything but a technical drawing. I felt that I was in the wrong place. So, in the last seconds, when university entrance exams, I chose communication.

Then my best friend, actually her parents (and maybe also herself) wanted her to take medical education or architecture for the second choice but she passed in architecture.

I was not wanted to not support what her has been chosen, I just felt that her soul was not in architecture. But after through it, she seemed enjoy, even though I admit that lecture on architecture was not easy even quite heavy. But in the middle, I little bit worried about her after read this. I think she is better take International Relation Study. I was trying to inveigle her to take university entrance exam once again and choose International Relation Study but she refuse it. Yeah, it has become her choice. So I just can hope anything best for her.

Meanwhile, I'm grateful I've chosen communication as my major. Yes, I think here's my passion.

Me and Caca :)

So, I think get to know what you want and what kind of person who you want to be or what your goals early is good to you to grow your talent. Then if you don't know what you want and what you want to be, go find your hidden talent because God has endowed each human being with their own talents. Don't give up :)

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