Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

Trip to Jakarta

Hello! Sorry for the late post. I went to Jakarta for 5 days Excursion Study Visit de Jakarta. I visited a lot of interesting place such as Trans Corp (Trans 7), Fortune Indo, TVRI, and AnekaYess!
I'm sorry I didn't take any picture. I got these photos from my friends hehehe.

In the lobby of Trans Corp. building, got ready to watch Bukan Empat Mata.

Arum, Me, Radix, Tutik, and Tasya

Me, Arum, Nolly, Tasya, and Eto.

With Funky Papua :D

Daru, Winda, Arum, Nolly, Tasya, Cakra, Me, Tutik, and Pandu.

The Committees :D
back to front: Cakra, Winda, Junior, Arum, Me, Tasya, Pandu, Tutik, Daru, and Eto.



Dinner in corridor :D

My silly face after waking up :D

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