Minggu, 04 Juli 2010


Sometimes I feel guilty when I spend my money for something which other people think that it is worthy to be bought but I think it is excessive.

Why do we keep buying some clothes just because we don't have the trendy one while there are too much clothes in our closet which maybe we just wear it once?
Has it ever dawned on our minds that maybe some people do not think about the trendy clothes because they're quite difficult to provide for their daily food?
Maybe what they think is how to fix a leaky roof of their house or how to pay school fees that have been delinquent.

Every person shall not refuse to eat at fancy restaurants and wearing designer clothes. Sometimes we may indulge ourselves with these things or reward for the effort that we have done but do not be excessive. However, humility is an act of discretion.

When I realize about other people who are more lacking than me, I think I've not live unpretentious yet. It's not easy to life unpretentious. Life unpretentious doesn't mean deprivation but always thankful with what we have and what god has given us. Even though I'm trying to, I usually tempted after reading magazine or seeing other people's stuffs.
I want to buy these or those just like what they wore and spent my money for something which when I think again, It was not really important and maybe I do have one.

Yeah, we're just human being and want something a little redundant also not entirely wrong. Maybe we may do it occasionally.

So, why don't we try to be MORE grateful and live unpretentious? :)

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