Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

Quote Quote :)

Sorry, I often share quotes recently. But they are so intrusive.

Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

What What?

Plan to cut my hair up to shoulder-length after Idul Fitri. My hair is little bit wavy and messy. Some people say that my hair have its naturally wave. Though I love it so damn much, it's loss and thinning slowly. What do you think?

Minggu, 29 Agustus 2010

Quote Quote :)

"JustBecause I don’t tell you, doesn’t mean I don’t miss you. I just want to see if you miss me as bad as I do."

(p.s. reposted from nolly's tumblr)

Quote Quote :)

"Jangan beragama, tapi berimanlah (kepada Tuhan)"

-Winda Carmelita-

Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

Cotton Candy

First day of my second year at college. Indonesian Social-Cultural System and Bahasa Indonesia. Not bad. But the lecturer of Bahasa Indonesia was not came hrrr.

my mom's blazer (but now it's mine) | black tee from gogirl!magz | unbranded turquoise trousers | connection wedges

The detail of the trousers

I love pastel and candy colors. I found this pants after rummaging the cupboards and this was actually a leg straight pants. But I juggled it a bit (actually I took it to the tailor hehe) then tadaaaaaa here is a turquoise trousers hehe.

Senin, 23 Agustus 2010


Dinner at Ayam Yogyakarta with Anjar, Mbak Icha, Mbak Icha's boyfriend, and three friends of Mbak Icha' Boyfriend :D
They were my friends at my English course (though Anjar is also my high school dear) but we've finished the course now. So it can be a reunion because we haven't met yet since we finished the course and I miss them so much. I was surprised that Anjar is wearing veil now.

Me, Anjar, and Mbak Icha

I love the red Barong tee, it was gifted from Caca (she bought it in Bali) and the coconut shell bag, my mom bought it in Bali too. Those ethnic bracelets are my favorite.

Tomorrow is my first day go back to college life. Why Tuesday is the first? Because I have no lectures schedule on Monday yeaaaay :D
Okay. Must go to bed soon. See you :)

Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Do Fashion Wisely :)

Sometimes what's happening around me made me tingle. Every girls must be wanted to look beautiful and fashionable. I think every girl won't reject cool branded stuff and designer clothes. Girls, including me, sometimes want to catch up with the latest fashion trend by watching fashion runaway (on tv maybe :D) or reading fashion magazine or looking to stylish and fashionable people. But when a girl claimed her self as 'fashionable' I think it's excessive.

I think those things can lead someone to be 'shopaholic'. I have a friend (named her A), she loves to follow fashion trend. Whether those are harem pants, leopard boots, long jumpsuit, or anythings trendy, she must be have it one. Actually I'm not disturbed when she wearing those stuffs, but sometimes she wear it not at the right place and the right time. She looks too enforce. Maybe because when she found what stuff she wants and it's look like in the magazine, she will directly buy that item without fit it on her body hehe (it's true and happened with her).

Then, she has a friend whose mine too (named her B). She also like to follow fashion but there's a striking difference between them both. What B's wear just attached and hanging naturally on her body. Caca said "A is buying and wearing what's on magazine. B's wear what suit with her body and her style." And I agree with her :D

No, Neither I want to be like her nor I envy that she can buy and do shopping to buy a new stuff every month. I just want to say that this is a phenomena and it happens around us.

I love fashion too, I read fashion magazine, I read fashion blog, I follow fashion trends, but I think we should sort what trend should we follow and whether that fit with our style or not :)

Want to share some quotes :)

"I love clothes, and shoes, probably in the most innocent manner that I just have fun with them and follow no rule, guide, or trend. It's like having pleasure in taking blurry pictures because you just like them that way although you know most photographers would think of them as something nonsense. I guess...nonsensicality is the fundamental of fun...;)"

Diana Rikasari - fashion blogger

"I have fascination with fashion ( so much! ). I dress for express, not impress."

Evita Nuh - fashion blogger

Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Start a Healthy Life

Few days ago I read Audrey Subrata's blog, AUDREY'S CLICHÉ (I don't know her, I'm just blogwalking hehe). She just shared about her daily life at school and I was stabbed because of her words here. I also like her, like to stay awake until midnight in front of my note book for worked with my assignment because most of the time I used to browsing or even online. The task was finished, but I went to college with holding sleepy desperately. Forgive me for also being a bad procrastinator hehe.

And I realized that she was right. Less deprivation, coupled with stress of college assignments and another problems, and happened almost every day, it's severe and make the wrinkles come before we get 35 hehehe. My mom also has told me that it wasn't a healthy life. Radix also told me that if I kept that habit and lack of exercise, not only that's unhealthy, in the future, we would be susceptible to the diseases.

So, I decide to make a HEALTHY RESOLUTION :)

I got this from many sources. From my friend at twitter, from web browsing, googling, and other things I know about health hehe.

1. Eat regularly and eat healthy foods. I do really have to change my bad habit which only eat when I feel hungry. I usually late dining and prefer to have snacks often than eat. Healthy foods are including fruits and vegetables. It will strength our immune by eating them.
2. Drink plenty of water and milk. Eight glasses for water and twice at morning and night  for milk hehe.
3. Don't forget breakfast. I don't get use to have breakfast whereas it's important for us to have energy for doing activities from morning until noon.
4. Get enough sleep. It's good for your skin and sleep at night is the best time for our body to take a rest. Sleep deprivation can negatively affect memory, learning, and logical reasoning. I seriously have to change my bedtime.
5. Doing Exercise. I'm too often sitting in front of my note book. The only exercise that I do is just daily walk. I want jogging in the morning or swim at least once a week. It will also make me get used to wake up early.
6. Avoid stress. Unhealthy living can be started from stress. The easiest way to avoid it is don't think and worry about something which we shouldn't.
7. The last but not least, get closer to our God for spiritual peace.

BTW, thanks for my India doll, @athifhusnabilah for the info on twitter :D

Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

65 Years...

I'm proud to be Indonesian :)

Minus Cuwie

Had a break-fasting together with 'Nu ABO girls' (I tell you later why I called it that name) at Hoka-Hoka Bento Mall Olympic Garden. But unfortunately, Intan (we call her Cuwie) couldn't join with us because she had to help her mother doing something with her mother's paper. Actually we didn't want to go without Cuwie but since a few days ago was her birthday and we haven't given her any present yet, so we kept going, while finding her a present. I'll post the present after we give it to her hehehehe.

Me and Caca
Me, Caca, and Tata
 Chicken Tofu

When we were chatting animatedly, a woman and a man asked us whether we wanted to join a quiz which the prize is Hoka-Hoka Bento Gift Voucher. We directly approve it and appoint Nolly to be the participant (Hey, we also took a part! As supporter hehe :p).
Apparently, they were the radio Makobu FM announcer. The quiz was simple. We just had to mention the phone number of HokBen Delivery (that was also the password). And tadaaaaaa we got the voucher haha ;)

Tata is like Nolly's daughter haha :D
Cynthia, Me, Nolly, and Tata
At Sports Station
 Finally got the flowery legging. It's Topshop. My Aunt bought me last month hehe.

Oh, I almost forget! Why I call them 'Nu ABO girls' actually because Caca gave that name to us hehe. Nu ABO is a song title of f(x), a Korean girl band. We usually imitate their dancing when their song are played because Caca and Tata are Korean lovers and they were succeed poisoning us with that fever hahaha :)

Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

Blueberry Cheesecake

Suddenly want a piece of this cake haha ;)
taken from flickr

Eager to Go

Willing to spent all my hoard to go to these places someday.

Arc de Triomphe
Champ Elysees
Musee du Louvre

Gondola ride and enjoying the gondolier singing Conte Partiro. How sweet. Hahaha :D
Masquerade :)

If I couldn't get there, The Venetian, Macau is no problemo :D

The Venetian is a hotel in Cotai District, Macau. It recreated the beauty of Venice with amazing canals, gondolas, singing gondoliers and other symbols of the famous city.

The fake canal

Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

Walking Through The Diversity

Today I have to hand over the proposals I've printed last night, and I met my two friends, Kak Diar and Kak Wuri on secretariat (actually they are my seniors but I am close enough with them hehe) then that time was turn to be a 'sharing time' hahahaha.

We talked about our boyfriends first, but it thrived to many other topics (yet still related with the first topic :p) but finally we came to the conclusion is difference, how we face and handle it.

I want to bold, to underline, and to italic Kak Diar's saying,

"At the end, we got something to be conclude: Diversity is like a sword. In a relationship, we need variations to complete each other and because similarity brings flatness. But sometimes, there are many divergences which may never be reconciled."

Sometimes diversity leads us to many conflict. But i think that is because we are still not too wise yet dealing with it. Diversity is talking about suppress our ego then try to look many things from the other side. I think nothing is absolutely true worth because diversity is subjective. What we need is to tolerant and to dignify.

I know I know saying is soooooo damn much easier than to implement it. And I know maybe this will be out of your mind, 'Hellooooo, who the hell are you saying that words? Are you Mother Teresa, Gandhi, or even Oprah?' hehehe.

This comes from my true feeling. Me and him. We are different in sooooo many ways and so many things. Family culture, personality, what we like and dislike, our dreams, our hobbies, our habit, and the most important: our perspective to assess many things. Until someday I was thinking then I asked him, "What shackles us together? What makes you connect with me?" and he said, "I don't know, I haven't found it yet." then I was speechless.

And actually, we were still often involved in fight because we still not found the gap to address the differences that exist between we both. I think it's useless when we know that we have so much diversity but we don't understand what's that really mean. Understand and treasure. Yeah, we are still learning to understand each other.

Sssssttt, I tell you a secret. I still want to try the solution for this case. Someone told me that I must keep fighting if I still want to do it. I must find the way how to deal with it but if I have been tired, just forget it. It may not work because we can do nothing. But it comes to my mind, why don't we just think and say 'Okay, we are different'. But maybe it will need a whole-kind-heart and a big big big sincerity and patience hehehe.

Ahh this topic is getting confusing. Oh by the way, I write it overnight! Kidding, haha (not funny? sorry :p). I wrote it at about 11.00 pm until now (my clock is 00:10 now). Actually I want to make it posted on Friday, but it's okay hehe.

FYI, the topic of this post is from me-myself. But by chance, Kak Wahyu also write a note with the same topic on facebook (you can read it here) so that note was also my inspiration to write this post haha. (By the way, Kak Wahyu is Kak Wuri's Boyfriend haha :p)

I also quoted these from that note:

"Differences should complete each other. Like a magnet, both will converge if the poles are different." -Kak Wahyu

"Differences are the referendary of each ego but also unifying something which do not possessed one else. Difference should be able to complete. If its understood superficially, it will be thought as a separator." -Kak Wahid

Hoahhmm, nite all. I should wake up at 3 am to have sahur. See you on the next post :)

Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Somewhere I Belong

This is the second day fasting on Ramadhan and still don't have anything which too important to be done except to print a lot of proposals to be submitted for sponsorship.
Yeah, I've been asked to be the coordinator of secretariat in PERSPEKTIF event and there are three events waiting to be held. Magazine Launching, Poetry Contest, and the last but not least is talk show which the guest is..... I'll tell you later hehehe.
Okay I give you the clue, the talk show is about Indonesia's face and reality in the comic frame hehehe.
This talk show will be held on October and anyone can participate. So, i tell you more later :D

Okay forget about proposal-PERSPEKTIF-events.

Yeah, I just realized that my-HOLIDAY-is-almost-OVER.

And I haven't had time to go anywhere (Yeah, except Jakarta for excursion study. Yes, I should be thankful for it at least). I mean, yeah, it's holiday but I feel like it's not a real one. I had to join short semester to improve my score and it spent my holiday time a lot huhuhuhu. But nothing is to be regretted :)

But I really really really want to go BROMO mountain! It hung up in my mind for a loooooooong time even before the test coming but until the holiday is almost over, it hasn't been done yet huhuhuhu.

I also want to go Jawa Timur Park then rally to Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) at Batu. I don't know why I just want to go there but I interest Lampion Garden at BNS. But the place where I really want to go this holiday is MUSEUM SATWA also at Batu because i want to try the big Ferris wheel hehehe. This is called Jawa Timur Park 2 at it located in front of BNS. So I eager to spend a whole day to go rally from JatimPark, Museum Satwa, then BNS for the closing.

I don't know, I feel like I'm in a good mood at playground and carnival. I can find anything colorful and sweets there. I like the hilarity of carnival though sometimes i prefer a quiet and calm atmosphere to make my brain think fresher. Oh, and one more, I can find fireworks there too! Hehehe.

Okay I know it's ridiculous and childish hehehehe.

Bromo Mountain
 taken from here
Jatim Park, taken from here
BNS, taken from here
 taken from here
Lampion Garden, taken from here
 Museum Satwa, taken from here
The Ferris Wheel :D