Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Do Fashion Wisely :)

Sometimes what's happening around me made me tingle. Every girls must be wanted to look beautiful and fashionable. I think every girl won't reject cool branded stuff and designer clothes. Girls, including me, sometimes want to catch up with the latest fashion trend by watching fashion runaway (on tv maybe :D) or reading fashion magazine or looking to stylish and fashionable people. But when a girl claimed her self as 'fashionable' I think it's excessive.

I think those things can lead someone to be 'shopaholic'. I have a friend (named her A), she loves to follow fashion trend. Whether those are harem pants, leopard boots, long jumpsuit, or anythings trendy, she must be have it one. Actually I'm not disturbed when she wearing those stuffs, but sometimes she wear it not at the right place and the right time. She looks too enforce. Maybe because when she found what stuff she wants and it's look like in the magazine, she will directly buy that item without fit it on her body hehe (it's true and happened with her).

Then, she has a friend whose mine too (named her B). She also like to follow fashion but there's a striking difference between them both. What B's wear just attached and hanging naturally on her body. Caca said "A is buying and wearing what's on magazine. B's wear what suit with her body and her style." And I agree with her :D

No, Neither I want to be like her nor I envy that she can buy and do shopping to buy a new stuff every month. I just want to say that this is a phenomena and it happens around us.

I love fashion too, I read fashion magazine, I read fashion blog, I follow fashion trends, but I think we should sort what trend should we follow and whether that fit with our style or not :)

Want to share some quotes :)

"I love clothes, and shoes, probably in the most innocent manner that I just have fun with them and follow no rule, guide, or trend. It's like having pleasure in taking blurry pictures because you just like them that way although you know most photographers would think of them as something nonsense. I guess...nonsensicality is the fundamental of fun...;)"

Diana Rikasari - fashion blogger

"I have fascination with fashion ( so much! ). I dress for express, not impress."

Evita Nuh - fashion blogger

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