Senin, 23 Agustus 2010


Dinner at Ayam Yogyakarta with Anjar, Mbak Icha, Mbak Icha's boyfriend, and three friends of Mbak Icha' Boyfriend :D
They were my friends at my English course (though Anjar is also my high school dear) but we've finished the course now. So it can be a reunion because we haven't met yet since we finished the course and I miss them so much. I was surprised that Anjar is wearing veil now.

Me, Anjar, and Mbak Icha

I love the red Barong tee, it was gifted from Caca (she bought it in Bali) and the coconut shell bag, my mom bought it in Bali too. Those ethnic bracelets are my favorite.

Tomorrow is my first day go back to college life. Why Tuesday is the first? Because I have no lectures schedule on Monday yeaaaay :D
Okay. Must go to bed soon. See you :)

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