Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

Minus Cuwie

Had a break-fasting together with 'Nu ABO girls' (I tell you later why I called it that name) at Hoka-Hoka Bento Mall Olympic Garden. But unfortunately, Intan (we call her Cuwie) couldn't join with us because she had to help her mother doing something with her mother's paper. Actually we didn't want to go without Cuwie but since a few days ago was her birthday and we haven't given her any present yet, so we kept going, while finding her a present. I'll post the present after we give it to her hehehehe.

Me and Caca
Me, Caca, and Tata
 Chicken Tofu

When we were chatting animatedly, a woman and a man asked us whether we wanted to join a quiz which the prize is Hoka-Hoka Bento Gift Voucher. We directly approve it and appoint Nolly to be the participant (Hey, we also took a part! As supporter hehe :p).
Apparently, they were the radio Makobu FM announcer. The quiz was simple. We just had to mention the phone number of HokBen Delivery (that was also the password). And tadaaaaaa we got the voucher haha ;)

Tata is like Nolly's daughter haha :D
Cynthia, Me, Nolly, and Tata
At Sports Station
 Finally got the flowery legging. It's Topshop. My Aunt bought me last month hehe.

Oh, I almost forget! Why I call them 'Nu ABO girls' actually because Caca gave that name to us hehe. Nu ABO is a song title of f(x), a Korean girl band. We usually imitate their dancing when their song are played because Caca and Tata are Korean lovers and they were succeed poisoning us with that fever hahaha :)

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