Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Start a Healthy Life

Few days ago I read Audrey Subrata's blog, AUDREY'S CLICHÉ (I don't know her, I'm just blogwalking hehe). She just shared about her daily life at school and I was stabbed because of her words here. I also like her, like to stay awake until midnight in front of my note book for worked with my assignment because most of the time I used to browsing or even online. The task was finished, but I went to college with holding sleepy desperately. Forgive me for also being a bad procrastinator hehe.

And I realized that she was right. Less deprivation, coupled with stress of college assignments and another problems, and happened almost every day, it's severe and make the wrinkles come before we get 35 hehehe. My mom also has told me that it wasn't a healthy life. Radix also told me that if I kept that habit and lack of exercise, not only that's unhealthy, in the future, we would be susceptible to the diseases.

So, I decide to make a HEALTHY RESOLUTION :)

I got this from many sources. From my friend at twitter, from web browsing, googling, and other things I know about health hehe.

1. Eat regularly and eat healthy foods. I do really have to change my bad habit which only eat when I feel hungry. I usually late dining and prefer to have snacks often than eat. Healthy foods are including fruits and vegetables. It will strength our immune by eating them.
2. Drink plenty of water and milk. Eight glasses for water and twice at morning and night  for milk hehe.
3. Don't forget breakfast. I don't get use to have breakfast whereas it's important for us to have energy for doing activities from morning until noon.
4. Get enough sleep. It's good for your skin and sleep at night is the best time for our body to take a rest. Sleep deprivation can negatively affect memory, learning, and logical reasoning. I seriously have to change my bedtime.
5. Doing Exercise. I'm too often sitting in front of my note book. The only exercise that I do is just daily walk. I want jogging in the morning or swim at least once a week. It will also make me get used to wake up early.
6. Avoid stress. Unhealthy living can be started from stress. The easiest way to avoid it is don't think and worry about something which we shouldn't.
7. The last but not least, get closer to our God for spiritual peace.

BTW, thanks for my India doll, @athifhusnabilah for the info on twitter :D

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