Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Students Orientation

Hello :)
I'm sorry I little bit busy last week because I had to enshroud students orientation. Yesterday I was busy registering the new college year. Now every thing's done!
Hihihi, yes, few days ago I was like a real journalist. I run here and there with my friends collected news item and then write and held it up to be like a newspaper.

It's about 12.000 new students!! Whoaaaa...
The Rector of Brawijaya University
Editorial meeting
My serious face while writing the news :D
Still serious. Hahaha.
 Wudhu together. Not enough water tap, use bottle. But it makes a lot of empty bottle left.
It was my managing editor's idea to pick all these up haha.
And it ended to be like this :p
We will sell it to flea market :D
 This is my editor :)
It's about 1.000 new students on FISIP
FISIP is all about orange! Haha.
Snack time, cilok bakar time! :D
Silly face haha ;)

p.s. all photos here were captured by Adit, Helmy, Irwan, and Wahid.

See you on the next post! :)

3 komentar:

  1. disertain identitas fotografer..wah ne namanya penjiplak..dimarahin yg punya foto lo..wkwk...

    ee..potoku kog lagi ambilin botol ada ia?kamu dpt dari mana ne?

  2. ada mas .
    paling bawah itu kan ada "p.s. all photos here were captured by Adit, Helmy, Irwan, and Wahid." toh .
    lha ini lho fotonya random dapet dari mereka aku nggak tau sapa yang capturing hahahaha .
    dapet dari anak" pokoknya .

  3. hummm...sip sipp..
    wah dataku ga lengkap berati, wah dimana ne sisa foto lainya?