Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

Walking Through The Diversity

Today I have to hand over the proposals I've printed last night, and I met my two friends, Kak Diar and Kak Wuri on secretariat (actually they are my seniors but I am close enough with them hehe) then that time was turn to be a 'sharing time' hahahaha.

We talked about our boyfriends first, but it thrived to many other topics (yet still related with the first topic :p) but finally we came to the conclusion is difference, how we face and handle it.

I want to bold, to underline, and to italic Kak Diar's saying,

"At the end, we got something to be conclude: Diversity is like a sword. In a relationship, we need variations to complete each other and because similarity brings flatness. But sometimes, there are many divergences which may never be reconciled."

Sometimes diversity leads us to many conflict. But i think that is because we are still not too wise yet dealing with it. Diversity is talking about suppress our ego then try to look many things from the other side. I think nothing is absolutely true worth because diversity is subjective. What we need is to tolerant and to dignify.

I know I know saying is soooooo damn much easier than to implement it. And I know maybe this will be out of your mind, 'Hellooooo, who the hell are you saying that words? Are you Mother Teresa, Gandhi, or even Oprah?' hehehe.

This comes from my true feeling. Me and him. We are different in sooooo many ways and so many things. Family culture, personality, what we like and dislike, our dreams, our hobbies, our habit, and the most important: our perspective to assess many things. Until someday I was thinking then I asked him, "What shackles us together? What makes you connect with me?" and he said, "I don't know, I haven't found it yet." then I was speechless.

And actually, we were still often involved in fight because we still not found the gap to address the differences that exist between we both. I think it's useless when we know that we have so much diversity but we don't understand what's that really mean. Understand and treasure. Yeah, we are still learning to understand each other.

Sssssttt, I tell you a secret. I still want to try the solution for this case. Someone told me that I must keep fighting if I still want to do it. I must find the way how to deal with it but if I have been tired, just forget it. It may not work because we can do nothing. But it comes to my mind, why don't we just think and say 'Okay, we are different'. But maybe it will need a whole-kind-heart and a big big big sincerity and patience hehehe.

Ahh this topic is getting confusing. Oh by the way, I write it overnight! Kidding, haha (not funny? sorry :p). I wrote it at about 11.00 pm until now (my clock is 00:10 now). Actually I want to make it posted on Friday, but it's okay hehe.

FYI, the topic of this post is from me-myself. But by chance, Kak Wahyu also write a note with the same topic on facebook (you can read it here) so that note was also my inspiration to write this post haha. (By the way, Kak Wahyu is Kak Wuri's Boyfriend haha :p)

I also quoted these from that note:

"Differences should complete each other. Like a magnet, both will converge if the poles are different." -Kak Wahyu

"Differences are the referendary of each ego but also unifying something which do not possessed one else. Difference should be able to complete. If its understood superficially, it will be thought as a separator." -Kak Wahid

Hoahhmm, nite all. I should wake up at 3 am to have sahur. See you on the next post :)

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