Minggu, 19 September 2010


Two days ago was my 19th birthday. Since 00.00 a.m I've received lots of birthday greeting from my friend. But since I think I didn't really see anything too significant about it because almost everything were quite normal (except one thing, I will tell you at the end of this post). I will post about something else first.

Kak Dedhy (my managing editor) ever asked me, what's my purpose in making this blog. I didn't know yet at that time. I don't know why, this question was stuck in my head and I was really curious with the answer.

Some people may think that sometimes we don't need a reason to do something. Just let it flow. Do it, feel it, and have fun with it.

I agree with this statement in some cases. But I remember about a proverb "The tragedy of life doesn't occur because of failure to achieve the goals. It occurs in the absence of that goals itself." and it has stick in my brain.

Blogging is something I put my passion in it. I have fun by writing and sharing anything in this blog. I started blogging because it was an assignment of my IT subject at high school but after reading some other blog, I want to keep continue the blog. Yes, I was a follower - better vocab: inspired by - of other greater bloggers. But it's okay since I found what was fit in me; my style.

I love to write, I like to share what's on my mind, I like to share the joy and other things I feel. I learn many things by this. But It's an honor if I could inspire people by my writing like other people did it to me :)

It also has been a year since I make this blog, right on my last birthday. I want to keep writing everything I want to write, keep sharing you the joy and everything, and stay true to my self. I hope I always remember to do those wholeheartedly :)

Okay, let's talk about my birthday thing-y. Just like I said above, nothing was extremely different until mid day. My boyfriend came, but I didn't know why, he was totally annoying. He bring me a gift but just put it on the table and ignored me a bit.

Then I knew he has one more gift which he was hiding. A pair of shoes. Sneakers. I put my face upset but I couldn't stop to smile. Hahahaha Can you imagine how did my face look at that moment? :p

At night, he joined my family to have dinner out and stayed until midnight in my house hehehehe.

Here is, my first sneaker :D

I'm so thankful to God, and also big thanks for those who sent me birthday greetings, for those who being so annoying but delightful, for stay beside me until now, for made a normal yet a blast birthday :)

(p.s. this explain why my sister fussed me with what-is-your-shoes-size because they both were conspired! :D)

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