Kamis, 16 September 2010

Call Me I'm So Late

But whatever yeah, I've just listened a Carla Bruni' song, Le Plus Beau Du Cartier, and I totally love this song :D
I started listening French songs. It may help me to learn Français better hehe. After listening this song I quickly googling who she is and whooooooaaaaaa she's veeeeeeeeerrrryyyy beautiful and gosh, She's the wife of The President of The French Republic! She must be so famous and I just know it now.

She already had 3 albums and I can't wait any longer to listening aaaaall of her songs here :)

This is her cover album of Quelqu'un M'a Dit.

I also listening Coeur de Pirate recently (maybe since 2 months ago). She's a Canadian (Quebec) pop singer but she sings French song. Actually Couer de Pirate is her stage name for Béatrice Martin. I've listened her self-titled album, Coeur de Pirate and it's recommended to you to listen :)

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