Kamis, 23 September 2010


Finally I can write something here after a really hectic for a few days ago. Lots of assignments were driving me cuhrazzzyyy. It caused me got sleep deprivation and now I get dark circles around my eyes :(
But yesterday I could have a revenge, I slept around 6.30 p.m and woke up the next day hahahaha.

Anyway, I want to say first:


Stay bold and hit the world !
Wishing you happiness all the time and anything best .
Allah bless you :)

Two days ago, we also gave Zeruya Anggraita a.k.a Rangga, a belated birthday surprise. None of us knew his birthday and he also didn't mention it on facebook or somewhere else. Okay, now I'll mention it: Rangga's Birthday is Semptember 19th :D
The fact that on his birthday, he just tagged us at his note on facebook and we all didn't know what he means by tagging that acknowledgments note and we just aware of it two days later. For, the punishment, we asked him to make wish for few times. So after the candles blew up, we lighted it on again, and push him to make more wishes hahahaha.

Rangga is the most unexpressive person I've ever met because even we gave him this surprise, he didn't show any expression. We all didn't know whether it was happy, surprised, speechless, or even sad. Hmmm...

Rangga The Unexpressive Birthday Boy :D

Yusa, Jack

Winda, Arum, Me, Nolly

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