Rabu, 01 September 2010

Welcome September :)

These are what I do while welcoming September :

Resume of Communication Theory: Symbolic Interactionism. I'm Littlejohn-ing tonight :D

  But also don't forget tweeting haha. Look at my twitter background, it's Super Junior's Cho Kyuhyun. I am an ELF! ELF is Ever Lasting Friends, named for the fans of Super Junior (SuJu).

Tweeting so many #septemberwish on my twitter :D

I'm also a big fans of ShiNEE and that's ShiNEE's Choi Minho. I'm collecting their photos from ShiNEE blog fanbase or their tumblr :D

I feel overwhelmingly excited to hail this CHERISH SEPTEMBER :)
I also do my task vigorously and full of positively feeling. I hope this will be last forever (I mean, the positive feeling :D)

Cheerio ;)

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