Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Quote Quote :)

"Semakin kamu memperbanyak definisi mengenai kebahagian, maka kamu akan semakin mudah bahagia. Meski dengan sesuatu hal yang sepele, mulailah untuk memasukan kesenangan sepele menjadi kebahagiaan."
"The more you expand the definition of happiness, then you will be more easyly to be happy. Even with something trivial, start to include trivial pleasure to be in a happiness."

-Dedhy Baroto Trunoyudho-  

Quoted from Mario Teguh :p

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010


I'm sorry for the lack of posting since my last post. I had mid test until next week and I hope I can get good marks :)

Tutik, Nolly, and Tasya
Triple riding, we usually do it when we are in campus.
Don't try this at home even more on the highway :D

Oh, October is almost over!
One thing I've been waited so much for October that was my anniversary with him *blushing* :)
No, I didn't celebrate it with a romantic dinner or another sweet things, we just congragulated each other and everything was just as usual :p

Last thing to say: please, November. Come soon :D

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010


I'm sorry for the lacking post recently. I've been so busy at the college. Assignments, quizzes, tasks, Brawijaya University Olympic and another activities going me crazy.

I hadn't tell that for almost two weeks, my college, Brawijaya University would hold Brawijaya University Olympic. The opening ceremony had been run on October 12th and I had to enshroud few of the matches. I also asked to join the choir of my faculty, Sociomusica Choir for Brawijaya University Olympic. So I had to practice almost everyday. It was fun but I found it all have been so tiring.

On Wednesday, I stayed until about 3 a.m to finish my paper because the next morning (yesterday morning) I had a presentation to be done. I was even difficult to keep my eyes open when I attended the lecture in the morning. It was very very bad since I remembered that I wrote my healthy resolution few times ago and I still couldn't fully run it.

Then the climax was yesterday afternoon. I found my body was feeling not well. Around 5 p.m I fell asleep and when I woke up around 8 p.m, I thought I was catch a cold and immediately take medicine.
When I woke up this morning, I thought I feel better but on my way to campus, I decided to return home because I felt my body was limp.

I think I need to take a rest hehehe :)

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Break - Broke - Broken

My notebook got accident :(
The corner of the cover (near the hinge) was broken. Initially, it was only a little cracked because it wasn't accidentally slammed. I didn't know but suddenly I found it had been broken.

Yes, it's Acer TravelMate 2420. My mom bought it to me when I was 10th grade. So, it might 4 years ago but this notebook has been so lovely to me.
I know it's not a trending gadget and has been so last year. But basically, I'm not a gadget freak. I prefer to take the advantages of existing features as well as possible than replace it by buying a more sophisticated with a lot of feature which I don't know how to use it and what the advantages though the old one is still working very well.
I've brought it to a notebook service center but the technician said that the spare part hadn't been available. So the solution was to take down the monitor from the body.
I'm wishing for a new notebook but I'm hoping more it can be repaired :(

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010


This morning, the lecture of Social Research Methods didn't came and sudden plan was beautifying Tasya. Nooooo, it wasn't a bullying. It was because we loved Tasya :D

And Winda's first experience purchasing her breakfast on 'Kantin Kejujuran' (honesty cafeteria).
Why did it called 'Kantin Kejujuran', because there was no salesman and it was self-service. So we have to be really honest to buy it.

So just drop the cash

And take the food

In Indonesia it's called 'nasi kuning' (yellow rice). It's called nasi kuning because the rice is cooked with turmeric. It's served with shredded omelet, potato meatball, chili tofu, bihun (thin transparent noodles), and fried grated coconut (p.s. it's hard to describe it all in English :p). It's very tasty and the price is just 3.500 Rupiahs (less less less that $1) :)

The detail of Winda's outwear :)

And the bad one, today I got 4 lecture subjects. It started at 7 a.m and (should be) ended at 5.30 p.m Crap! The lecturer of last subject didn't come (anymore!). After all, I was waiting him practicing basketball. Totally an exhausting and a hectic day.

Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Quote Quote :)

"I wanted you to fight for me. And tell me that you would rather be alone than with anyone else!" -Brooke Davis


White Rose

Almost a year, this was the first time were given a rose by a man - ehem, Radix - and it was a white rose, my fave. Thank you R :)

It's kinda late but,
HAPPY BATIK DAY October 2nd :)
Let's preserve batik, The Indonesian heritage.

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

Quote Quote :)

"Those who are clever, who have a brain, never understand anything. -Winnie the Pooh"

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

Potatoes !

I didn't know why but today, I feel miserably bad. But I found my mom making this for me, for breakfasting meal and it was a mood booster indeed. Thank's mom :)

Potatoes wedges covered by cheese :D

p.s. my mom decorated it with parsley and tomato when she knew that i would take a photo of it :D