Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010


This morning, the lecture of Social Research Methods didn't came and sudden plan was beautifying Tasya. Nooooo, it wasn't a bullying. It was because we loved Tasya :D

And Winda's first experience purchasing her breakfast on 'Kantin Kejujuran' (honesty cafeteria).
Why did it called 'Kantin Kejujuran', because there was no salesman and it was self-service. So we have to be really honest to buy it.

So just drop the cash

And take the food

In Indonesia it's called 'nasi kuning' (yellow rice). It's called nasi kuning because the rice is cooked with turmeric. It's served with shredded omelet, potato meatball, chili tofu, bihun (thin transparent noodles), and fried grated coconut (p.s. it's hard to describe it all in English :p). It's very tasty and the price is just 3.500 Rupiahs (less less less that $1) :)

The detail of Winda's outwear :)

And the bad one, today I got 4 lecture subjects. It started at 7 a.m and (should be) ended at 5.30 p.m Crap! The lecturer of last subject didn't come (anymore!). After all, I was waiting him practicing basketball. Totally an exhausting and a hectic day.

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