Senin, 06 Desember 2010

A Hundred

People said that "Blood ties are thicker than water" just like our family compared to our friends. We must have stronger feeling and intuition with them. Have you ever feel it?

I went out with friends on Wednesday to the cinema. In the middle of the movie, I checked my cell phone to find a missed call or maybe a text message but there was none so I slipped it back into my pants pocket. But suddenly, my cell phone was ringing (actually just vibrating because I set it silent, hha). My dad.

He was asking why I hadn't home yet. Yeah, it's not a good idea to go to the cinema after a whole day activities on campus without asking my parents permission since I still a daddy's little girl *sigh. He always worry if hadn't home yet before 9. My dad sounded a bit angry on the phone.

I know, 19 years old is inappropriate to be called a girl anymore. But yeah, that's my father and I love him much for that :)

When I arrived at home, jumpy. I was ready for the grumbling, but guess what I found.
My mom, dad, and my sister were sit down on the sofa and doing a little chit chat. They were totally not angry. So I join them.

I'm missing a time like this. When we share our dreams, we change thought, we discuss many things, we talking about everything.
What could I do ask for more?

I have a happy complete family while out of there maybe they lost their mom, their dad, their parents, their siblings, or divorced parents :(
At this time like this, I just regretting how I quarreled with them, how I was being stubborn, being obdurate, being undisciplined. I hope we always have enough time and chances to get a time like this so we can get to know each other and more closer :)

p.s. so this my 100th post, dedicated to my family, which my love will be belongs to and still reminded me that there will always someone who love me, as bad as and truly I am.

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