Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Pursuit Happiness

My lecturer assistant was not able to teach yesterday. Since I didn't have another class, so I decided to be home all day. I thought I shouldn't meet anyone and going anywhere or I was going to mess up many things because of my unstable mood (okay, pathetic? :( I know).

Radix come to my house yesterday and we watched DVD but it ended with no fun. I felt like want to be angry all the time and he seemed like easily to be the target. Poor him, I'm sorry ()

Been too bad yesterday, I decided to want a good day today :)
So when I woke up this morning, I prayed to God for a good mood today all day long, and I hope I could create much happiness with His permission.

I remember a proverb, "If you can't find your happiness, create it" and the simplest thing to do to create happiness is just by smiling. I've proven it :)

My friend admonished me why I put my face frown. It just called to mind me to smile and was hoping it will improve my mood then read after this what happened :p

Today, I had to fold the ballot paper with many friends. I joined the committee of student representative election in my department. We facilitate the election of the president of student executive and legislative council. Being very busy as co.secretarial in recent weeks to prepare the forms, fit & proper test, open debate, and the election which will hold on Monday December 13th.
We've worked hard and struggled so far make us get closer and feel like family. We didn't feel strenuous and obliged to do all things because we always have fun with it.

We folded it from 12-8 p.m with full of laughs and joy. It was so much fun to spend weekend (especially Saturday night) with them :D

It hasn't finish yet. Radix who had been (much more) busier after selected as a Representative of Malang Tourism 2010, picked me up at my friend's house after I was done with the ballot paper then urge me to watch DVD (again) since we quite have no quality time together. We had a little chit-chat after that and we talked soooooo many things 'till midnight. This is what we seldom did and I always miss a moment like this :D

I can't say anything just Thanks Allah for the nice weekend, for the nice Saturday night. Alhamdulillah. Whoa I can't help wanting to cry because I'm too happy :')

With you: I want to go to the beach then swim, I want to ride the carousel and the ferris wheel and the roller coaster and the blimp, I want to cook spaghetti, I want to decorate the tree with the lights then enjoy it from the roof top, I want to talk all night long paired with two cup of cappuccino for each of us. Whoa, so much things I want to do with you yet so little time. -081210-

Last but not least, I just wanna say do not fail to smile and don't forget to smile to start the day. Even smile when we sad, smile anytime when we remember because it's the simplest thing to do to create happiness :) 

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