Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

What I Did During My Blogging Absence :)

 broke up things
h o l i d a y
Jogja backpacking
vacation with grandma
college stuff
perspektif (campus press) : editor in chief
making happiness
soul sister
assignments and worksheets
gendhis (art club) traditional dance
work hard
having fun
enjoying my life
got new friends
bad time management
moving on
eat a lot !
nu life
try to be better better better for my own :)

p.s. gotta share the photo slide soon for the details, stay in touch ;)

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011


You change
I change,
People change.

Many things happened. I did I chose I learned many things.
The emotions; happy; sad; angry; cry; surprised; excited; disappointed; hatred; delighted;
frustrated; exhilarated; desperate; affected; mad; embarrassed; love.
All were gathered in number and just blown my head.
Yes, it's life, it's just how you deal with it. 
Too much things I want to write to tell, too little time.
Wish me luck ;)

Watch Out Babe!

Heyho readers, I'm back! YEAH I'M OFFICIALLY BACK
I know I disappeared like a dust into wherever dimension, like a star which bumped into a whatsoever galaxy.
I'm sorry, I do apology (booooo).
It feels like I've been left for so many ages haha.
Hey I do miss this blog much! I miss to write and share here.
And the most important thing: I MISS YOU READERS :)
Curse me for neglecting and abandoning this blog.
I don't want to promise you to post  everyday because I'm too afraid if I couldn't make it :(
But I will post anytime when I got the time to sneak a peek :p
Life goes crazy as always haha.
Many details on the next post, so keep read it (I hope)