Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Beach Scream

A perfect full day vacation with Perspektif crew! Oh you might be questioned why we got holiday on Monday? Haha. Today, May 17th is Vesak day and the government announced that we can get a holiday. So it's kinda a long holiday started from Saturday to Tuesday whooho :D
We decided to go to the beach yeay! The beach is called Bajulmati, it's about 57 kilometers from the center of the city of Malang.
I couldn't hold my self not to scream when I saw the see from a far, when I touchdown the beach sand, when I saw the clear blue sky and when I heard the roar of the wave, whooosaaahhh!

 Got ready to go!

 We were arrived!

 Grilling the fish.

 Rujak! (Fruit salad in English)

Sing along.

There was a coastal estuaries which has brackish water, so we were swimming there :)

 Playing with the waves

The boys.

SM*SH pose! Hahahaha.

Cheeeeeese :D

(L/R; top/down) Anjar, Sakti, Kak Wahyu, Kak Citra, Sunny, Kak Wuri, Me, Kak Agung, Hendra, Kak Helmy, Gaby, Kak Dedhy, Ichal, and Agta

We're hit the road around 8 a.m and left the beach at 4.30 p.m and I arrived at home at 10 p.m haha. What a nice vacation, thank you guys :)

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