Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Bestiest's Birthday

May. Happy Birthday Cynthia and Vidya. Yes, you both hit 20th now hahaha.

 Nu ABO raided Cynthia's room om May 21st 00.00 a.m and woke her up just to wish a happy birthday. Cynthia was too surprised until she couldn't even cry haha.

Me with the birthday girl, Cynthia :)

 Another surprise birthday party is for Vidya! Me, Egi, Milky and Wido arranged this with a little conspiration with her bf, Andin (Vidya is having a long distance relationship with her bf but sadly, Andin couldn't come to wish a happy birthday and to give the gift directly)

 Andin uploaded her a happy birthday video on youtube.

Oh, she cried! Hahahaha.

Happy belated blessed birthday my girls..
Wishing you always be happy and always be blessed by Allah :)

p.s. Apology, I'm very poor at photography. Sorry if almost all pictures I took didn't work very well. I'm bad at phograph. Will learn to take picture properly and how to get a good image with digicam soon *sigh

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