Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Formula of Relief

Have you ever be in a situation when you feel that life is mo damn much cruel to you. When anything (yes, ANYTHING) seems didn't go right. You're lonely yet you're not alone. What all you want is just about to complain how life is always not fair, all you want is just to give up and preterm about all your responsibilities. The fact that the saturation about everything in life is so into you, you are feeling like you want to be angry all the time. In the end, everything gone more complex. You messed up. You think your life is ruined. Okay, stop the rambling :p

People say that life these days is getting rough. Life always provides you with lots of choices and most of them sometimes are the hardest. Human was born to choose. Sometimes several options bring the things we should strive and sacrifice at the same time. Yes or no, stay or leave, survive or give up. Life is also full of uncertainties and uncertainty leads us to fears, concerns and worry. To choose frees us from it all. Uncertainty is inevitable but worry is an option.

I am a typically a thinker. When I was thinking about those uncertainty so much, I started to worry too much. Then to choose is full of analysis until I realized it would never happened if we didn't take action. Stop analyzing about life. Just live this life because analysis was the one makes life complicated. And also never hesitate about your choice and do not ever regret it.

A fuss comes sometimes when you fell you can't achieve success in everything you do then you feel very sorry very disappointed to yourself, when you don't know where you are heading, when your life motivation gone lost, and most of them, when we're forget to thankful to God for everything He give to us. It comes to my sense that I should always count on my blessings and not how far I should walk instead.

Once I took action, I felt so relief like when I think I optimistically can handle the problem, then I will find the solution (sometimes it comes in a choice). To be free, I should simplify my own complexity in my head, start to vent and channel it properly by deliver it to the right one. What I need is just no fear, no doubt and keep consistant on what I've been choosen.

Five rules to be happy are free you heart from hatred, free your mind from worries, live simple, give more, expect LESS! - @DamnItsTrue

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