Kamis, 22 September 2011

Glad to Have You

It has been a long time since my last outfit post. I do love fashion very much but I can say I'm not a fashionable one. A little maybe :p
I don't always dress up and I don't buy (good and branded) clothes and apparels temporarily. I ever rethought about making this blog a fashion blog which is so rare with outfit posting. Like I said before, this blog is like my journal to express my passion. I'm proudly saying that fashion is one of my passion beside journalism and several other. But I think I've written all sorts of things here hahahaha :D
FYI, I dyed my hair but I think it has been a little faded.

Unbranded soft pink top | Sophie skirt | Be-Bob gladiator

Wearing it almost everyday to campus. It's comfy and hard to resist making it my favorite.

Minggu, 18 September 2011


Yesterday was my birthday and I'm officially 20th now :D
I got birthday greetings from mom, daddy, my sister (unfortunately my dad was out of town, so did my mom left to stay at granny's house in the morning) and friends.
It went so flat and nothing special just like everyday until my friends prepare a birthday 'surprise'. We had a gathering, we played futsal and chit-chatting but when I was going to home, they stole my key and tie me down to collect 30 freshmen's signatures or I wouldn't get my key. I know that they spontaneously planned it. Oh, I forgot, from those number, it had to be man all.

Hendra, Kak Juwita, Bakabon (a.k.a Kak Didit), Me, Egi, Kak Dedhy and Kak Rere.

That was my birthday outfit hahahaha. I know it's a big-no-no :p
Spent my birthday night just with sister by rented some movies. No cakes, no candles, no celebration. Not-really-bad birthday, however I'm grateful :)
Also got this video from Caca, Queen, Cynthia, Tata and Nolly.

Thanks to you all, thanks for all the whises, you made my day :)

Jumat, 09 September 2011

September :)

Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H dear readers :)
May we met the next Ramadhan month,
May Allah always bless us..

I know a-little-bit-late-greeting and I know you're tired of my apology for being absent. So sorry.. (Hha! Don't you have any other words to say?)
I will make amends of all my absence by sharing something I think you (my readers) want to know. I hope it will worth.

The reason I was often being absence is I'm clueless (just like my blog tittle) in many times (besides the college and other activities). This blog is like my journal, to express my passion, to share about everything, even it was like my friend. If I could, I just about to write all what happened, in detail (and of course more things happened almost everyday) but somethimes when I was about to write about someday, drawing the situation, then BAM! It was like a blank in my head. I just don't know what I have to write. This often happened.

I just want to be honest to you all because friends are always telling the truth to each other (we're friend aren't we?) :)

I know I'm such a bad blogger (yeah I'm saying this about three or four of five times or.... ups :p). But I'll try to catch up with the posting. I promise :)

I always love september because it's like a special month to me. This month my blog will also turns to 2 y/o. I save a surprise for you all about this blog. It's totally a big change. So wait for next posting (please don't get bored with that words).

p.s. the photo taken at 1st day Eid Al-Fitr. It's me, sister, mom, aunt, uncle and of course cousins. U'oh, new semester is coming this monday argh. Prepare for college!