Kamis, 22 September 2011

Glad to Have You

It has been a long time since my last outfit post. I do love fashion very much but I can say I'm not a fashionable one. A little maybe :p
I don't always dress up and I don't buy (good and branded) clothes and apparels temporarily. I ever rethought about making this blog a fashion blog which is so rare with outfit posting. Like I said before, this blog is like my journal to express my passion. I'm proudly saying that fashion is one of my passion beside journalism and several other. But I think I've written all sorts of things here hahahaha :D
FYI, I dyed my hair but I think it has been a little faded.

Unbranded soft pink top | Sophie skirt | Be-Bob gladiator

Wearing it almost everyday to campus. It's comfy and hard to resist making it my favorite.

4 komentar:

  1. You look so pretty! I love the florals! Really like the sandals, too!

  2. Hi Zahra, thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm using Canon SX30is at the moment and I just set the self-timer to 10 seconds for 5 shots in a row. Hope that answers your question :)

    LOVE THE FLORAL SKIRT! It looks flirty and feminine :)


  3. WAH YOU LOOK DARLING! You are SO fashionable. I love the print of the skirt. It's so happy, I LOVE IT. It's very 60s in print. FABBBULOUS.

    Love these sunny photos! Its been super rainy and blahhhh here, so it's nice that SOMEONE'S getting sunshine!