Minggu, 18 September 2011


Yesterday was my birthday and I'm officially 20th now :D
I got birthday greetings from mom, daddy, my sister (unfortunately my dad was out of town, so did my mom left to stay at granny's house in the morning) and friends.
It went so flat and nothing special just like everyday until my friends prepare a birthday 'surprise'. We had a gathering, we played futsal and chit-chatting but when I was going to home, they stole my key and tie me down to collect 30 freshmen's signatures or I wouldn't get my key. I know that they spontaneously planned it. Oh, I forgot, from those number, it had to be man all.

Hendra, Kak Juwita, Bakabon (a.k.a Kak Didit), Me, Egi, Kak Dedhy and Kak Rere.

That was my birthday outfit hahahaha. I know it's a big-no-no :p
Spent my birthday night just with sister by rented some movies. No cakes, no candles, no celebration. Not-really-bad birthday, however I'm grateful :)
Also got this video from Caca, Queen, Cynthia, Tata and Nolly.

Thanks to you all, thanks for all the whises, you made my day :)

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