Selasa, 18 September 2012


I (almost) always post my birthday story every year because I remember that I started this blog with a birthday post three years ago.

Birthday always drives my mind to think over and to be grateful about my life.

It's 21st.
So much things happened in a year.
I change, people change, life change.
People come and go, being fake or true.
They touch my heart then go.
But so few who still remain and the memories will stay forever.

Surrounded by loving people. The prayer they sent directly, by short message or just calls, I'm so blessed.
I love them.
Though my mom is overseas, i still grateful. She called me this morning.
My sister kissed me to wake me up and threw a present. Daddy kissed me too :)

I got surprise from bestfriends, mates, lover. Got presents and birthday cake. This is the first time I get a surprise-birthday-cake, to make a wish and blow up the candles in public :D

Anonymus said: A birthday is just the first day of another 365-days journey around the sun. I will enjoy the trip.