Kamis, 21 Maret 2013

Craving For...

Is it spring already in Europe and America? Yayness!! I can't wait no more to wear spring stuffs when blossoms blooms with colorful shilloutte like a rainbow everywhere on everyone outift. Spring is the most favorite season of mine. In Indonesia, a tropical country in South-East Asia (FYI), we just have rainy and dry seasons instead of four seasons like others sub-tropical country. But I can't wear any spring outfit anytime I want though ;)

Talk about spring outfit, I think Marsha reva x SNDCT Botanical layers Collection is definitely match to wear this season! For God sake (and for my-better-life-sake), please let me having my own botanical garden on my sweatshirt, but so sad it has been sold out :(

This one is my favorite.

Marsha Reva x SNDCT also added the Photoshop layers and the loading bars on the prints. See the real page here.

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