Sabtu, 27 April 2013

Craving For...

It's time for tropical print outfit! I love the banana trees print.

Pencey Mia Jacket - Photo via Late Afternoon

Outfit post soon, stay update ;)

Senin, 22 April 2013

Happy (belated) Kartini Day!

“Perputaran zaman tidak akan pernah membuat wanita menyamai laki-laki. Wanita tetaplah wanita dengan segala kemampuan dan kewajibannya. Yang harus berubah adalah wanita harus mendapat pendidikan dan perlakukan yang lebih baik. Wanita harus sehat jasmani dan rohani, berakhlak dan berbudi pekerti luhur, taat beribadah yang kesemuanya hanya akan terpenuhi dengan mempunyai ilmu pengetahuan,"
Rohana Kudus*

English translation by my self:
"Rotation of the ages would never similize women to men. Women will be women with all their capabilities and their obligation. Things that must be changed are women have to get proper treatment and education. To have physical and spiritual health, to be virtuous and righteous, also to be devout worship are must for women. Those all will be fulfilled only with education."

*Rohana Kudus is the first woman journalist in Indonesia. She is from Padang, West Sumatera, and proactive to spread the discourse of education to Indonesian women through what she wrote in newspaper.

Happy Kartini Day April 21st Indonesian Women!

Rabu, 17 April 2013

Pop of Magenta

I love afternoon sun light for best lighting for the photo. But rain always fall in the afternoon eeeevery daaaaay here.

 It's my mom's blazer I found in the old stuff box in the warehouse.

I need a haircut soon.

Black shirt - unbranded; Blazer - vintage; Snakeskin Pants - Valley Girl; Wedges - Laurence Hill

Today I attended a book review discussion titled "Memata-matai Kaum Pergerakan" or Spy The Movement Tiers wrote by Allan Akbar. He is a baccalaureate from Universitas Indonesia and he was being the speaker of the dicussion. I also got my book signed by the writer.

This book is kind of a history book of Indonesia. First thing came to my mind when I saw this book is the interesting cover. Allan said he wanted to cast off the 'haunted' image of many history books in Indonesia. So he and the designer gave a touch of a pop art for the book cover, so it can persuade the youth to learn about history.
I haven't read it because I just bought it today. I'll give you the review later :)

Kamis, 11 April 2013

Back Again

Finally, an outfit post!
I forget what time I wrote my last outfit post. But I decided to take photos and make outfit posts regularly.

Spring is time for colorful jeans. I took my green one and snatched my mom's checkered blazer (now I proclaimed it as mine hehehe). Too simple? It's because I didn't feel to wear many accecories out except my watch (I can't go out without my watch).

Top and outer - unbranded; Pants - N.y.l.a; Shoes - Bebob.

I feel like I'm gaining weight, my cheecks look chubbier. Please excuse my messy hair. I still cannot find appropriate hair treatment products for my hair. So however I combed and styled it in the morning, it will become messy and matted the hours after. What hair treatment products do you use? let me know it :)

Jumat, 05 April 2013

Lately Listening...

to Blossom Dearie!

I heard her song as a backsound of a cooking show on tv and desperately found the title and the singer. Last time I knew the song titled Comment Allez Vous, so yippee I finally found it :D
Blossom Dearie is American jazz singer with her renowned girlish voice. She was born on 28th April 1926. She stood in bebop genre and sometimes a little bit swing, which is automaticly swing up my mood and romantic ambience. It's true vintage music I think and listening her song is remind me about French. Too sad she died in 2009.
You can read her biography here.

Her music is totally match with the spring tone when a cherry blossoms blooms :D
Still digging her albums and her songs. Wish me luck!
What your current favorite listening? :)

Selasa, 02 April 2013

Craving For...


source: 1 | 2

OMG it's genious and georgeus (how i quite often use this word lately) and stunning and so.... clear! I'm sorry I don't have anything to say anymore (really clueless). I saw it everyone wear it (in the blogsphere) and now I know why they purchase it! It feels like the clutch is made to be yours only with the your name engraved in the gold/silver petal. Please God, let me have this one. Just one. I promise I will be more kind to others and help my mom do chores more dilligently.

What also amazed me is this clutch is made in (and by) Indonesian! It's from Kuta-Bali-Indonesia actually. I will always crazy about Indonesian brand. I feel proud to wear Indonesian brand with stunning design and good fabrics and materials.

I'm sorry I'm groaned about what things I want here lately. But actually because I can't afford those stuffs because I haven't make my money by myself yet. I promise I will finish my thesis and graduate soon and moreover find (or make) a job with good salary to buy eeeeeeeverything I want hahahah.

I also decided to always use blog title 'Craving For' to make you know what kind of post of this (I mean 'desire' post tag), so you can skip keep reading, yeay! Thank you for all of you who read my blog, or you who just visiting, moreover you who even follow my blog. Big hug and smooooooches (with lots lots of O) :D