Kamis, 11 April 2013

Back Again

Finally, an outfit post!
I forget what time I wrote my last outfit post. But I decided to take photos and make outfit posts regularly.

Spring is time for colorful jeans. I took my green one and snatched my mom's checkered blazer (now I proclaimed it as mine hehehe). Too simple? It's because I didn't feel to wear many accecories out except my watch (I can't go out without my watch).

Top and outer - unbranded; Pants - N.y.l.a; Shoes - Bebob.

I feel like I'm gaining weight, my cheecks look chubbier. Please excuse my messy hair. I still cannot find appropriate hair treatment products for my hair. So however I combed and styled it in the morning, it will become messy and matted the hours after. What hair treatment products do you use? let me know it :)

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  1. pretty!

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