Selasa, 02 April 2013

Craving For...


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OMG it's genious and georgeus (how i quite often use this word lately) and stunning and so.... clear! I'm sorry I don't have anything to say anymore (really clueless). I saw it everyone wear it (in the blogsphere) and now I know why they purchase it! It feels like the clutch is made to be yours only with the your name engraved in the gold/silver petal. Please God, let me have this one. Just one. I promise I will be more kind to others and help my mom do chores more dilligently.

What also amazed me is this clutch is made in (and by) Indonesian! It's from Kuta-Bali-Indonesia actually. I will always crazy about Indonesian brand. I feel proud to wear Indonesian brand with stunning design and good fabrics and materials.

I'm sorry I'm groaned about what things I want here lately. But actually because I can't afford those stuffs because I haven't make my money by myself yet. I promise I will finish my thesis and graduate soon and moreover find (or make) a job with good salary to buy eeeeeeeverything I want hahahah.

I also decided to always use blog title 'Craving For' to make you know what kind of post of this (I mean 'desire' post tag), so you can skip keep reading, yeay! Thank you for all of you who read my blog, or you who just visiting, moreover you who even follow my blog. Big hug and smooooooches (with lots lots of O) :D

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