Jumat, 05 April 2013

Lately Listening...

to Blossom Dearie!

I heard her song as a backsound of a cooking show on tv and desperately found the title and the singer. Last time I knew the song titled Comment Allez Vous, so yippee I finally found it :D
Blossom Dearie is American jazz singer with her renowned girlish voice. She was born on 28th April 1926. She stood in bebop genre and sometimes a little bit swing, which is automaticly swing up my mood and romantic ambience. It's true vintage music I think and listening her song is remind me about French. Too sad she died in 2009.
You can read her biography here.

Her music is totally match with the spring tone when a cherry blossoms blooms :D
Still digging her albums and her songs. Wish me luck!
What your current favorite listening? :)

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