Rabu, 17 April 2013

Pop of Magenta

I love afternoon sun light for best lighting for the photo. But rain always fall in the afternoon eeeevery daaaaay here.

 It's my mom's blazer I found in the old stuff box in the warehouse.

I need a haircut soon.

Black shirt - unbranded; Blazer - vintage; Snakeskin Pants - Valley Girl; Wedges - Laurence Hill

Today I attended a book review discussion titled "Memata-matai Kaum Pergerakan" or Spy The Movement Tiers wrote by Allan Akbar. He is a baccalaureate from Universitas Indonesia and he was being the speaker of the dicussion. I also got my book signed by the writer.

This book is kind of a history book of Indonesia. First thing came to my mind when I saw this book is the interesting cover. Allan said he wanted to cast off the 'haunted' image of many history books in Indonesia. So he and the designer gave a touch of a pop art for the book cover, so it can persuade the youth to learn about history.
I haven't read it because I just bought it today. I'll give you the review later :)

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  2. your pants are amazing! love 'em x