Minggu, 12 Mei 2013

Bad Girl Lolita

Dress - gifted | Oversised Jacket - over years ago untill I couldn't recall the label | Oxford shoes - igetmuve

Have got a little tiny chop chop for my hair. Is it look same with the last post? Haha :p
I'm sorry for my grumpy face, I intend to get a grunge theme for this photoshoot and keep my hair messy but I think my outfit isn't grunge enough :p

I put denim jacket as one of must have items in your closet because denim jacket will never be out of date. You can never be wrong with denim jacket, even the oversized one. You can match it with any outfit to get a different mood or different look.
I have this jacket since I was kid, my mom bought it for me. It was very very extra large at that time when I wore it, even now it's still oversized a bit. But this oversized jacket help me got not-so-sweet look.

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