Kamis, 23 Mei 2013



My bf said I look more mature in these photos, maybe because of the make up and the outfit :p
I don't know what I should response because people often guess I'm still a teenager or high school student and when I told them my real age they were little bit surprised -_____-"
Blame these short legs, even my 14th sister's height is as tall as me :p

I found this top at bazaar on one of mall in town. A local product with good print, design, and material. I couldn't be in love at the first time I saw it. It was fit me perfectly and it was the last piece. Lucky me. I love supporting local product.

Top - Elva Kreasi | Pants - unbranded | Shoes - mom's

Actually me and my family planned a vacation to Magelang. We would visit Vesak 2557 BE at Borobudur Temple, the famous Buddhist temple in Indonesia (or maybe in the world!). Though I'm not a Buddhist, I really eager to go since I watched it on a movie scene, Arisan 2. But sadly, my mom is kinda busy this week so she canceled it. I planned to go there next year. (oh, but it's still so loooong time to reach, blah :p)
What attracted me so much to this event is releasing 1000 lanterns to the night sky as the closing of the ceremonial. The cultural and historical thing are also my favorite to travel.
So, because I sadly can't go there this time, I will tease you with these videos. I hope I really can go next year.

The photo is taken from here

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