Rabu, 15 Mei 2013

Orange Bunny

Another stuff which must be listed on must have items in your closet is cardigans.

To have basic colors cardigan like black, gray, and white are so versatile to my outfit. Let me show you how it works well with any outfit condition ;)

Sometimes I'm inconvenience to unveil so much bare skin on my top, so I just cover it with cardigan. When I travel or doing activity all day long, I take my cardigan with me in my bag, so when the sky get dark and evening breeze is about to come up, I wear it to get warm. Also to combine the colors with my outfit create a vibrant mood, like what I wore in this post, juicy look.

Shirt - Unbranded (but "raspberry" is written on the label lol) | Cardigan - Unbranded | Jeans - Point One | 
Wedges - Laviola | Headband - Strawberry

I'll be pleased to have cardigan in many hues like pastels, brights, and earth tone colors, which is mean it's all type of color! Oh help, I can't get enough with just one color cardigan :D

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