Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Tropical Summer

Just a quick post because I have to go, will watch my fave Indonesian folk band Payung Teduh, yeay!

Neon top - gifted | Harem Pants - Elva | Wedges - Connexion | Necklace - gifted | Bangle - mom's

I finally have a match pair for my neon top. First time I saw this tropical print harem pants, I instantly fall in love. I couldn't wait to took photos with this pants but I got rare chance. However, finally I can make it ;)
Honestly neon isn't my color.I always fall into pastels and earth-tone color but sometimes it's good to cross our safe zone and try something 180 degrees different with what we used to be.

Anyway, It's already summer here in Indonesia!

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