Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

Minnie Me

My cousin is coming to town for a week and we went swimming today. Since she is quite good in photography, I asked her to take some outfit photos for me. But not today. These photos were taken by my sister. This time she was in the mood (but mostly she didn't). I've already planned to purchase a tripod, hoping I can write outfit post more often.
Wearing my favorite basic white tees and going monotone color for today outfit except the dotty socks and minnie mouse headband.  Finally let this Cloth-inc leather skirt showing itself for the first time after being impatient becuse it locked off in my wardrobe. And a hair bun is perfect for a bad hair on a hot afternoon in a summer day.
Today, I'll make a little confession to you all about me and this blog. First thing is, I'm really not good about posing and facing the camera. But not mentioned to pose when I get captured with friends in the fun time together :P
But this is totally different. So, now you know why I am looked so awkward holding something or touch things or making facial expression or even trying to stand nicely, doh. I'll get practice more by scrolling thousands fashion bloggers out there, since they're looked more pro than me hahaha.
Second, about the blog tittle. I love to write, but sometimes you might found that I didn't write much on my post whereas I can ensure you that in the real world I am much more talkative. I often get blank and (little bit) nervous how to say what's in my mind when I was facing the keyboard. I think it's ridiculous if you love to write, want to be a writer (especially in fashion), but you are being clumsy with words.
Few times ago I planned to change the tittle but I didn't get more suitable and catchy name. I guessed I don't need to change it anyway because that's true sometimes I just don't get the clue :p
This maybe really a random thought. But I'm just trying to be honest to you all my lovely readers :)
I'll keep other confessions while I compile my courage. Thank you for reading, see you on the next post. Kisskiss!

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  1. Super cute! Love the heels with socks and the Minnie ears.

    Blue Roses

  2. so great:) love your skirt:)
    visit me in free time:)