Jumat, 06 September 2013


It's already September, yaaaay! I'm so much excited because this is my birthday month. Anyway, this is my wishlist for this year ;)

Sewing Machine

I'm longing this over a years ago. If you remember my wishlists post about 4 years ago here, I also wished to have this and wanted so bad to learn sewing.

Samsung Galaxy Camera NX300

Brown/Red Floppy Hat

I know Snapback is trending now, everyone want it and I'm no exception. But I think floppy hat is more cuuuute and versatile ;)

Panda Beanie Hat

Isn't it cuuute? Since Malang is brrreeezzyyy recently, this will be very useful.

Mint Stuffs

Mint Stuffs: Birthday Wishlist

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